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Chasing Contentment




Imagine remaining content through all of the ups and downs of life.  Doesn’t that sound like a life worth living? Chasing Contentment invites you to take control of your life and obtain what God has for you—a content life in Christ.



     Chasing Contentment        Leader's Guide



Do you lead a Bible Study? This Leader’s Guide is just the tool you need to lead your group through a study of Chasing Contentment.  This guide will help facilitate your journey through the pages of the workbook and into a deeper level of self-reflection.  


Chasing Contentment

Chasing Contentment    Companion Workbook



Would you like to take a closer look at the topics presented in Chasing Contentment?  The goal of this workbook is to revisit each of the topics and assist you in eliminating these hindrances from your life (once and for all) by being both open and honest with yourself about the things that get in your way.


Book # 2 is...



7 Beneficial Ways to Cultivate a Deeper Relationship with God



How would you describe your current relationship with God?  Would you give a quick, confident answer, stumble to find the 'right' words, or just respond, ‘it’s complicated’?  No matter your response, one thing is certain, we could all benefit from a deeper relationship with God. 


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