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Discover your God-given calling and then confidently walk in it!

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Did you miss the Called and Confident Workshop?

Workshop Participants:

  • Learned what it means to be called by God

  • Received tools and resources to help with their calling

  • Identified some steps to discover  their calling

  • Uncovered ways to confidently walk in their calling

  • And so much more…

Check out this Workshop Recap Video!

Have you been feeling stuck in life and struggling to figure out what’s next? God created you with a plan in mind and He has a calling that only YOU can fulfill. The Called and Confident Workshop is designed to help you  learn what it means to be called by God and uncover ways to confidently walk in your calling.

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Are you ready to know what God called you to do and actually start moving toward the life you always envisioned? When you join the Called and Confident Accelerator you can do just that! In just four short weeks, you will have a better understanding of your specific calling from God. 

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