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Chasing Contentment 

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It is time for you to start living!  Enough of you just merely existing; you deserve a life full of contentment and productivity!  In her new book, Chasing Contentment, author Shayla Hilton invites readers to discover what it means to live a life of contentment through any circumstance.  Shayla admits that she, like most women, has had many exhausting experiences as she searched and struggled for contentment in the various areas of her life. 


Finally, she came to the realization that the vision she had for her life was not coming together; she was lacking something.  The process of identifying that ‘something’ included a very deep, painful and personal pursuit of God. 


Now, Shayla’s desire is to equip and encourage woman—through this book—with the practical and purposeful knowledge she gained.  This book allows her to bring insight and journey into the lives of real women to show them how to trust God and fully surrender to Him, live a life full of faith, heal completely from a hardened heart, speak positively, be confident in who you are, and remain peaceful, patient, and fearless in Christ. 


This book carefully explores what the Bible says about being content.  It is certainly challenging work, but there is hope for women who desire to live “situated in satisfaction”.  In her kind and encouraging way, Shayla inspires all readers to develop a deeper relationship with God and confidently move toward true contentment in Christ Jesus.  Will you begin the journey today?




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