Who? Me, Lord?!

I heard Him. I knew what He said, but I felt fear grip me. Who? Me, Lord?! You want to use me? I was sure I had heard Him wrong. I tried to reason with Him, you may want to choose someone else, I cannot do that! Father, you know me, I mean you really know me. You know EVERYTHING that is wrong with me. At that moment, He spoke again as clearly as the first time. He said "you are right, I do know you and I still want to use you".

Has God ever had that conversation with you? If He hasn't and you are one of His children, brace yourself because it is coming. He tells us in Jeremiah 1:5 (NLT) I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations. Now, the thing He calls you to do will not be the same as the thing He calls me to do, but one thing is for sure, He has an assignment for each of us. Your assignment may be to go into ministry, start a business, take that new job, write a book, adopt a child, raise your children, move to a new city, be a supportive spouse, or even sing and create music. I do not know what He has called you to do, but you know. He has already spoken it to your spirit, in fact, He is reminding you of it right now.

Trust me, I know exactly what you are thinking. Well, I cannot do it right now because I am just so uncertain, unsure, nervous, and confused. I just feel like a hypocrite. I feel so unworthy. I am stuck, just frustrated and aggravated. I feel inadequate and unsettled. What if I am unable to fulfill His plan? Do you remember Moses? (see Exodus chapter 3) Sometimes I feel just like him! He gave God every excuse he could think of so he would not have to go and tell Pharaoh to release God's people. God gave Moses the same consistent message that He is giving you and I today: "Go and I will be with you".

You see, God knows that you are feeling all of these things because He knows you. He said He knew us before He formed us in our mothers' wombs. That means that He knew all about each of us before we even existed. That makes my head spin, we serve such a Mighty God! He knew all of the mistakes we would make, He knew all of the crazy things we would do and He still decided to use us. The Word says that He has set us apart. God is just looking for willing, obedient hearts who will 'go', do what He has called them to do and give Him glory in all things. Not only has God set us apart, but He has appointed each of us to a task. What a blessing it is that He wants to use us even through all of our imperfections. I think the amazing thing about God is that He does not need any of us to fulfill His Will in the Earth, but He allows us to be apart of what He is doing. Whether we choose obedience or not, His Will shall be fulfilled. Why not be obedient and take part in His beauty? How do we move forward with His plan when we feel the fear? The acronym P.A.L.M will help us with this task:

Bishop T.D. Jakes says, "feel the fear and do it anyway". I think we should apply that to our lives today. Let's decide to answer the call on our lives in spite of our shortcomings! Let Him heal your soul!

Your Sister in Christ,

Prayer: Father, we come with thankful hearts today. We appreciate you loving us through our struggles. I pray you strengthen every reader to go forward with your plan for his/her life. Position each of them for your glory. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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