The Three Essential Elements of Authentic Prayers

Take a moment and think about the prayers you have prayed this week. Have your prayers become routine and monotonous? Have you ever found yourself just ‘going through the motions’? Perhaps, you are just learning to pray and do not know which words to say. If we are going to develop a deeper relationship with God and pray prayers that move Heaven then we must begin to pray authentic prayers.

What are authentic prayers? Authentic prayers are real, genuine prayers originating from the heart of God by way of the Holy Spirit.

Eloquent words, location, and/or the amount of time spent praying are not important factors. All of these things may vary, but there are some essential elements (listed below) that will have you well on your way to praying authentic prayers.

Position to Surrender

Praying authentic prayers is not about an actual position like kneeling versus standing. It does not really matter how you position yourself. What matters is if you are in a position to surrender. Job 11:13 (CEV) reads surrender your heart to God, turn to him in prayer… You and I must be ready to lay it all down, so that we are in position to be led by Holy Spirit. That surrender will probably include repentance, a denial of flesh, and a quieted soul. The key is to do whatever it takes to surrender so that authentic prayers can flow freely.

Ear to Hear

Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” (Mark 4:9 NIV) If our prayers are going to be authentic, then we must be able to hear. I do not mean hear naturally, but hear in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to us, to share the heart of the Father, but we must have ears to hear. Did you know that there is a secret to getting prayers answered? The secret is to pray what’s on the Father’s heart. Anytime your prayers are being led by the Holy Spirit you can expect results every time! If you are going to pray what is on the Father’s heart then your ears must be alert and ready.

Heart to Receive

Once you have surrendered and your ears are ready to hear from God then it is time to get your heart ready to receive. If your heart is not ready to receive you may miss what the Holy Spirit wants to convey to you. You could possibly miss a word, direction, a person to pray for, or even an answer to a prayer if you are not ready. Psalm 51:10 (NIV) says create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. When your heart is pure and renewed you will be able to consistently receive from the Lord and pray back to Him the authentic prayers you received. Holy Spirit will be able to get so many things to you and through you when you yield your heart to Him.

I know that you want to keep your prayers fresh and powerful at all times. When you apply these essential elements of authentic prayer you will see that your interaction with Holy Spirit and your prayer life will become very fruitful! All while increasing your relationship with God which is most important anyway. Let Him heal your soul!

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Your Sister in Christ,

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I want to pray authentic prayers that are pleasing to you. Teach me to surrender, tune my ears to hear you, and make my heart ready to receive. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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