Could You Benefit from More Time in God's Presence?

Take a moment and think about your personal relationship with God. How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10? How do you think God would rate it?

This is a very personal question that only you and God know the answer to. Trust me, this is a judgment-free zone! This activity is not to make anyone feel bad about his/her current relationship. I only posed the question to push you and I to truly reflect on our relationship(s) with Him.

Just in case you are still trying to decide, ask yourself these 10 simple questions to determine if you could possibly benefit from more time in God's presence.

  1. Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious about the day when you first wake up in the morning?

  2. Do you feel drained and depleted at the end of each day?

  3. Do you make time to pray each day?

  4. Do your times of prayer seem one-sided (only you speaking)?

  5. Do you live a lifestyle of thanksgiving?

  6. Do you struggle to trust God?

  7. Are you open to really looking inside and improving who you are?

  8. Do you know who you are in Christ?

  9. Do you embrace who you are in Christ?

  10. Are you constantly effected by what is going on around you?

There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers, simply just things to consider. However, the truth of the matter is that God wants you to be in peace when you wake up and when you end each day. He wants you to spend time talking with Him everyday and not just talking to Him. He wants you to be thankful in all situations. God wants you to trust Him. He also wants to prune you and make you better from the inside out. God wants you to know who you are in Christ and to embrace the plan He has for you. Lastly, He does not want you to be effected by the cares of this world.

The good news is that we all can benefit from more time in God's presence. Whether we choose to make it happen or not is completely up to you and I. One thing is for sure, God really wants us to make it happen. Let Him heal your soul!

I want to help you on your journey to spending more time in God's presence. Click here to get your FREE copy of 7 Beneficial Ways to Cultivate a Deeper Relationship with God.

Your Sister in Christ,

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Help me to make more time to spend with you. I trust that it will benefit me and please you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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