Three Steps to Confidently Launch Out and Trust God

What makes it so difficult to trust God? Why is it such a struggle? I wish I knew the answer(s), but I believe it stems from our own fears and insecurities. The thought of God letting us down or not coming through for us is just unbearable. However, if we truly know God and His character, then we should know that He always comes through, right?

In this season, I believe that God wants us to launch out and trust Him! He wants us to push all of the fears out of the way and just go for it! Maybe you have been thinking about starting a business or going back to school. Perhaps, you considered applying for a promotion or joining a ministry group within your church. Whatever it may be, just go for it!

When we study Luke 5, we find the disciples out on the water trying to catch some fish. Nevertheless, it was a very unsuccessful effort. They sat out there for hours frustrated and caught nothing!

Today’s Scripture Reading

Luke 5:1-11

Even in our frustration, God wants our trust. Luke 5:4 (NLT) can be used as a guide if we are going to confidently launch out and trust God:

When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”

1. Go

Jesus instructed Peter to go out where it was deeper. He is saying the same to you and I today. He is calling us to go deeper in Him. When we take the time to go deeper in Him, we find the confidence that we need to launch out and really trust Him. Whatever it is that has you feeling a little hesitant should be brought into the presence of God. There you will find the rest and instructions that you need.

2. Release

Then, Jesus told him to let down his nets. The interesting thing is that Peter and some of the other disciples had been out there all night. They were experienced fisherman, surely, they had already let down their nets several times. Jesus was telling them to do something they had previously done. They could have refused, but instead, they trusted Him and tried it again. What is it that you tried before that did not quite work. Will you let down your net again? Are you willing to release your frustrations, pride, and fear and just try it again at His Word? If we are ever going to confidently launch out and trust God then we must be willing to let it all go and just give it one more shot.

3. Receive

After Jesus told them to let down the net, He told them they would catch some fish. Once you go deeper and release what He says to release, you will always receive what He has for you! Their obedience and trust in Him resulted in a large amount of fish being caught! Are you ready to receive today? It can happen for you. Let's launch out and trust Him today! Be determined to go deeper, release your past fears and experiences and receive all that He has for you! Let Him heal your soul!

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Your Sister in Christ,

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Forgive me for the times when I have allowed fear to rule my life. Help me to launch out and trust you from this forward. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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