A Prayer for Your Finances

I want to pray for your finances today. There is still hope for your finances through the love of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,

I am asking that you touch the finances of each and every reader today. Lord, I trust that you love him/her deeply and care about what they care about. They are your children. Remind your child today that you love him/her with an everlasting love. God, we know that finances are important to you. We know that you have called us to be good stewards over everything you entrusted to each of us. I lift up their needs to you today. Father, give each of them to money to provide for themselves and their families. Give them the resources to pay bills and eliminate debt in Jesus' Name.

We break every curse off of their finances now in the Name of Jesus. We bind the spirit of lack that is trying to keep them stuck and we loose Your Kingdom resources now to them in Jesus' Name. I come into agreement with him/her and ask that you don't allow finances to stress them out. We bind the spirit of worry in Jesus' Name. I thank you for teaching your child to give you what is yours and you will take care of the rest. Cause them not to suffer for being obedient and giving to you. We trust that you will supply every need because he/she sacrificed to bless you. We thank you for that. We ask you, Father, for a special blessing on those who are in really tough situations due to a lack of resources. Give them your peace now and reassure them that this too shall pass. Give them the strength to remain faithful while you bring in the finances.

I thank you that even right now each reader is laying down every burden that he/she has been carrying due to finances. They are all placed at your feet now. We trust that you will take care of it all in your perfect timing. Thank you for caring about what concerns your children.

Even right now I release the blessings of stewardship, faithfulness, and more than enough upon this your child's finances.

In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.

Your Sister in Christ,

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