A Prayer for Your Children

I want to pray for your children today. There is still hope for your children through the love of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,

I am asking that you touch the children of each and every reader today. Lord, I trust that you love him/her deeply and care about what they care about. They are all your children. Remind your child today that you love him/her with an everlasting love. God, we know that children are important to you. You said to let the little children come to you. I lift up the needs of their children to you today.

Father, protect their children and bring them into an intimate relationship with you. Teach their children to have an authentic relationship with you that is not based on their parents or grandparents, but an intimate, personal connection with you. I speak that their children are protected from the enemy and covered in the Blood of Jesus.

We break every curse off of their children and cancel every assignment of the enemy right now in the Name of Jesus. We bind the spirit of perversion trying to come against the children and we loose purity and protection now over them in Jesus' Name. I come into agreement with each reader now and ask that their children would bring them joy and not sorrow all the days of their lives. Give each person the strength to place their children in your most capable hands now. We bind the spirit of worry in Jesus' Name.

Even as children are getting out of school for the summer we thank you that they will have safe and productive summers. Hide them under the shadow of your wing. We ask you, Father, for a special blessing on those who desire to have children and/or those who have lost children. Minister to their hearts now, Father. Remind them that if you spoke it to them then it shall surely come to pass at the appointed time. Father, bless those who are guardians and spiritual parents as well. Replenish them for their sacrifices. Cover their children as well.

I thank you that even right now each reader is laying down every false burden that he/she has been carrying in regards to their children. They are all placed at your feet now. We trust that you will take care of it all in your perfect timing. Thank you for caring about what concerns your children.

Even right now I release the blessings of protection, favor, wisdom, and holy boldness upon the children of these readers.

In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.

Your Sister in Christ,

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