eBook Release: Identity: Uncovering Who You are in Christ


Uncovering Who You are in Christ

Who are you? Have you ever just sat and pondered that question? You are probably reading this right now because you find that question particularly difficult to answer. Identity is essential to life and yet so many of us struggle to understand it. There are some things that uniquely make you who you are.

If you have accepted Jesus into your life, then your spiritual identity supersedes your natural identity. Whether you have a firm sense of identity or not, God wants you to confidently understand who you are in Christ.

My new eBook is designed to help you do just that. The goal is to begin uncovering exactly who you are in Christ!

In this eBook, you will discover:

  • How God describes YOU

  • How your past effects who you are

  • How Jesus improves your relationship with God

  • How your position changes

  • How you should see yourself

God does not want your identity to be a mystery. He desires for you to know who you are and then to live victoriously in Him!

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I am so grateful for your support!

Your Sister in Christ,

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