A Prayer for Your Business

I want to pray for your business today. There is still hope for your business through the love of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,

I am asking that you touch the business or company of every reader today. Lord, I trust that you love him/her deeply and care about what concerns them. Remind your child today that in spite of what may be happening with their business, you love each of them with an everlasting love. God, we know that it is not easy to start a business or company, but you have given each of us the ability to persevere. Give each business owner the strength to press on today.

Father, we speak freedom over him/her today. We command anything hindering the progress of his/her business to be removed right now by the Blood of Jesus. I speak peace, productivity, and profitability over the businesses now in the Name of Jesus!

We break every curse and every lie whispered by the enemy, concerning his/her business or company, right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus. We loose Truth and wisdom now in Jesus' Name. I come into agreement with each reader who is following your plan as it relates to his/her business in Jesus Name. Father, Your Will shall be done.

I thank you that even right now each reader is laying down every false burden that he/she has been carrying in regards to his/her business. They are all placed at your feet now. Lord, thank you for caring about what concerns your children.

In Jesus' Name, it is so, Amen.

Your Sister in Christ,

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