BOOK RELEASE: Chasing Contentment

Chasing Contentment

Freely Living Life through any Circumstance

Imagine remaining full of contentment through all of the ups and downs of life. Doesn’t that sound like a life worth living? When you consider your own life, are you sitting in satisfaction or drowning in dissatisfaction, depression, and frustration? Chasing Contentment invites you to take control of your life and obtain what God has for you—a content life in Christ. Often, books on the topic of contentment teach us what it is, but very few, if any, teach us how to attain it. Chasing Contentment does both.

In this book, you will learn how to cultivate contentment by:

  • Trusting God and fully surrendering to Him

  • Living a life full of faith

  • Healing completely from a hardened heart

  • Speaking positively and being confident in who you are

  • Remaining peaceful, patient, and fearless in Christ

Contentment is a process and you are just a few strategies away from conquering it. If you are ready to experience God like never before and live in contentment then this book is for you!


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