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Is Chasing Contentment the book that you need to get to your next level in God?

It has been about four months since my first book, Chasing Contentment, was published and released into the world! Things are going very well, but it can all be a little intimidating at times. As usual, Father is teaching me a few things through this experience. Currently, one of my main lessons is learning to trust Him in new territory. That can be a little tricky, but trust is necessary and there is no other way. Chasing Contentment means so much to me because it is completely inspired by the Holy Spirit and reveals so many of the lessons He has taught (and is still teaching) me.

I took a few moments to create a short video to speak from my heart to potential readers so that individuals would know what they could expect from Chasing Contentment.

Also, I think that it is very important to hear what others are saying about how Chasing Contentment impacted the lives of actual readers. Check out some of the reviews below:

I pray that the Holy Spirit along with these readers have touched your heart and encouraged you to order your very own copy of Chasing Contentment today! I want to throw in a BONUS and autograph a copy just for you! Click here to place your order now.

Blessings to you!

Your Sister in Christ,

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