Surrender: The Key that Unlocks the Promises of God

Have you ever felt completely stuck and wondered why an area of your life seemed stagnant? You may have prayed and prayed asking God to open a door for you, to walk into a new opportunity, and it seems like it is just not happening. That can be really frustrating!

You wonder what the problem could possibly be because you pray, you go to church, you tithe, you are nice to people (most of the time) ...What could the problem be? Consider for a moment, that none of those things are the problem. If praying, going to church, tithing, or being nice could move the hand of God then none of us would have any problems. The reality is that those are not the things that move God. God is moved by things like faith, obedience, and surrender. You know, the tough stuff.

God is glad that you pray; that is great, but do you have faith to believe the things that you prayed? God is glad that you go to church; that is great, but do you exercise obedience in the things that you learned at church? What God is really looking for is a heart that is surrendered to His Will and His plan. You see, surrender is the key that unlocks the promises of God.

What is surrender? Well, surrender is saying, “God I want what I want, but I want what you want for me even more than that.” For example, if you have dreamed of living in New York your entire life, and you even begin to make plans to leave and go there, but God says I need you stay in this area for a while longer. Then, you have a decision to make…will you surrender your plan and put God’s plan above your own?

Who knew that living for Jesus meant giving up your life and laying it all down? Who knew that it meant putting your plans and wants to the side for God’s plans? That is what true surrender entails. It surely is not easy or comfortable, but who said that this life would be?

Psalm 37:4 (NIV) says take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. God gave me a fresh revelation as it relates to this scripture. What the scripture is really saying is that when I delight in God, then He will show me what to want.

In other words, as He leads me, He will say this is what I want you to desire or that is not what I want you to desire. Well, that changes everything, doesn't it? This scripture is really talking about surrender. Surrendering (giving up) the things you and I really want for the things that He wants us to really want.

Surrender is difficult, but it is worth it. As God shows us what to desire (want) He begins to unlock those things for us. As we lay down our plans, we will see that His promises are standing right in front of us…just waiting for us. As we continue to journey with God, we will see that every time He has us to surrender something to Him, there is a much better ‘something’ that He is preparing to unlock for us. Deuteronomy 28 tells of all the marvelous things awaiting you and I when we surrender and obey. God is waiting for each of us to truly surrender and align ourselves with His Will. Will you give it up today? It will be worth it! Let Him heal your soul!

Your Sister in Christ,

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Help me to surrender to you today. Teach me to release my desires and choose your Will over mine every time because I know that you know best. I believe that as I surrender to you, you will unlock your promises to me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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