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"You may be in a stuck place right now, or a waiting season, but you can still step into your calling."

Meet Shayla


Hey, I’m Shayla and for many years, I struggled doing all of the things I was supposed to do or asked to do but wondered what my purpose was on earth. I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that but it just didn’t feel like it was all coming together or making the impact that I expected. This left me feeling stuck, overwhelmed and really frustrated but I did my best to just keep going. 

I finally realized that if I was going to feel fulfilled in life then I would have to surrender to God (fully) so He could reveal my true calling. I decided to stop getting ahead of God and rushing the process; I had to let Him lead me along the path He designed for me (even when I didn’t like it). Listen, it’s been a rough journey of waiting and working and then waiting some more but I’m ready to share the tips and strategies that I’ve learned along the way with you! 

Helping you confidently walk in your calling

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Health + Wellness


Feeling stuck and unsure of your calling? Schedule a Path to Purpose Coaching Call to discuss what’s holding you back in this season. This call will give us an opportunity to determine if my services will help you and if we are a good fit for each other.

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